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  • Wield Cap’s Legendary Shield: Deliver punishing missile attacks as you take outgroups of enemies, block attacks, destroy objects, interact with surroundings, and reflectfire back at foes.
  • Devastating Acrobatic Combat: Move freely through the castle battlefield withacrobatic precision as you power through enemies with punches, kicks, shield throws,and powerful combos.
  • Platforming with Purpose: Use Cap’s impressive athletic abilities to overcomeenvironmental challenges and discover multiple mission paths by scaling walls, climbing,and performing spectacular leaps and vaults.
  • Compelling Original Storyline: Noted Marvel scribe Christos Gage created an originalstory set in the film universe but written specifically for the game.
  • Star Power: Featuring the voice and likeness of Chris Evans as Captain America.
  • Use Captain America's Shield: Your shield is your most powerful weapon and best defense. Use it to take out multiple enemies from a distance, block incoming attacks, destroy objects, solve puzzles, and reflect incoming fire back at enemies
  • Capture the Castle, Save the World: Infiltrate a huge castle complex that's both an acrobatic playground for the Captain's physical prowess and a house of mystery, with enemies and danger at every turn
  • Extensive acrobatic abilities allow you to scale walls, climb ledges, and vault from poles to overcome environmental challenges. Master timing-based controls to execute advanced moves and discover multiple paths through missions
  • Move freely through the castle battlefield with acrobatic precision as you take down multiple enemies with devastating combos. Take control of a turret or grab a soldier from behind and use his weapons against him.
  • Face Fearsome Foes: Face off against Captain America's greatest villains, including the Red Skull, Arnim Zola, Baron Strucker, Madame Hydra, Iron Cross, and more

Captain America Super Soldier

$53.00 Regular Price
$37.10Sale Price
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