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Platform: Wii U

Release Date: Nov 18, 2012

No. of Players: 1 player

Category: Action, Adventure

Publisher: THQ

Developer: Vigil Games



About the product

  • Play Death – Become the most feared of the legendary Four Horsemen, able to destroy entire worlds and battle forces beyond Heaven or Hell.
  • Epic Universe – Unlike anything the player has seen before, delivered in the unique style of Joe Mad.
  • Player Choice & Customization – Thousands of weapon and armor items, three diverse specialisations, along with customizable Harbinger & Necromancer Skill Trees allow players to create their own Death.
  • Traversal – Death is a nimble and agile character capable of incredible acrobatic feats allowing the player to explore the world like never before.
  • Unique DRC Functionality – Play Darksiders II like never before using the WiiU DRC screen to instantly access inventory and abilities.

Darksiders II

$80.00 Regular Price
$32.00Sale Price
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