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Platform: Wii

Release Date: Apr 16, 2013

No. of Players: 1 player

Category: Role-Playing

Publisher: XSEED Games

Developer: GANBARION CO., Ltd.



About the product

  • Gorgeous visuals and full voice-overs bring to life the somber story of a cursed maiden in a mythical land and a former soldier's desperate attempt to save her
  • The Magical Oraclos Chain is the main weapon that is also used to trigger devices to solve puzzles; bladed weapons are also critical during the fast and furious real-time battles across the Thirteen Towers
  • Elena's physical appearance becomes more grotesque the longer it takes to overcome each tower, and Aeron's interactions with her determine the strength of their overall relationship, affecting which of the multiple endings is earned
  • Materials obtained within the Thirteen Towers can be used to enhance weapons or fused together to create new items, which can be given to Elena as gifts to increase your affinity or be used by Aeron himself to assist him on his continuing quest

Pandora's Tower

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