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Platform: Wii

Release Date: Mar 23, 2010

No. of Players: 1 player

Category: First Person, Shooter

Publisher: Ubisoft

Developer: Ubisoft Montreuil

  • Animated Blood
  • Mild Language
  • Mild Sexual Themes
  • Violence



About the product

  • Upgrade you arsenal of katanas swords, guns and abilities as you rack up victories against the Jackal clan.
  • Embody a lone fighter, a man of few words with a shaded past full of mystery. Face various, and increasingly stronger, enemies and defeat challenging bosses in epic and intense fights.
  • Visit various locations through a remote mixed metropolis in the middle of the American desert, where Eastern culture and Western culture have been smashed together into a hodgepodge jumble.
  • The Wii MotionPlus provides 1:1 recognition where the sword and gun movements are precisely replicated within the game. Slash the villains the way you want. The harder you swing the Wii Remote, the harder the sword swings in the game.
  • Become master swordsman and gunslinger fighting up to six enemies simultaneously; using your sword or your gun at any time; mastering aster combos galore; and, even deflecting bullets with the blade.

Red Steel 2

$29.00 Regular Price
$20.30Sale Price
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