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  • Wireless multiplayer via both DS multi-card and single-card play (battleships), and 6 fun mini-games utilizing stylus, microphone and D-Pad inputs.
  • 70 tricky missions that our hero Captain One-Eye must complete before finally raising his treasure and rescuing the mermaid.
  • 16 beautiful but perilous Caribbean islands waiting to be discovered, each different, yet holding trade, adventure and item purchase and repair opportunities.
  • On all 16 islands you can go on a tour of the island (jump & run level), increase your supply of gold and tackle some unexpected surprises while you are at it.
  • Adventure awaits, with galleys of enemy soldiers that have to be sunk, sea monsters that must be vanquished and shipwrecked pirates drifting helplessly on the sea that only you can rescue.

Playmobil Pirates

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