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Now you can get access to the results-driven diet expertise and fitness programs from The Biggest Loser. Let Bob, Jillian and Alison Sweeney guide you through this life-changing journey as you become one of The Biggest Loser success stories. Your path to a healthy lifestyle starts here! Get Up and Get Active - With The Biggest Loser!


  • Lose Weight, Gain Knowledge! Utilize the Kinect to receive real-time feedback for immediate results.
  • Feel the Burn! Work your entire body with 120+ exercises including upper body, core, cardio, yoga and cardio boxing for a total body workout.
  • Success in Numbers! Workout online with your friends and share advice and encouragement.
  • Record Your Transformation! Track your physical and emotional progress as you change your body and change your life. Record, share and celebrate your amazing success!
  • Intuitive Fitness Tools! Push your body to the limit by integrating The Biggest Loser Resistance Bands, Stability Ball and Free Weights into your workout.

The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout (Kinect)

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