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  • Upgrade Russell's merit badges & complete Carl's adventure book, unlock content and upgrades when you collect them all.
  • Explore 11 levels featuring jungles, caves, rock formations, Paradise Falls and Muntz's blimp while avoiding dangerous plants and animals along the trail.
  • Compete in aerial dogfight combat, evade villainous dogs in dog chases, take part in large boss fights with exotic animals like Crocodiles, Anacondas & Jaguars and battle the villainous Muntz in the final level.
  • Enjoy both single player and multiplayer game support throughout the entire game as you play by yourself or with a friends in 2 player co-op and the 2-4 player Dog Fight multiplayer mode.
  • Overcome obstacles & conquer the environment in the form of rock formations, dizzying heights, raging rivers and the weather


$22.00 Regular Price
$17.60Sale Price
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